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Training Creative Goalscorers

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  • Scoring goals is the most exciting part of the game of soccer. It`s also the most difficult. As a coach, you want to create as many goalscorers on your team as possible. In order to do that you need to put your players into a wide variety of scoring situations in training so that they`ll be prepared when that one chance comes that will decide if your team will win or lose the game.

    It`s not enough to line your players up and have them take shots on a goalkeeper. Practicing the proper technique is important but putting that technique into realistic goal scoring situations teaches your players how to take the technique and use it in the game. The activities and exercises presented in this book practice scoring goals from a wide variety of positions and progress from unopposed to match situations. Situations in this book include:

    * 1 v 1
    * Back to Pressure
    * Breakaways
    * Finishing from Crosses
    * Reacting to Rebounds
    * Runs Behind the Defense
    * and many more.

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