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World Class Coaching Tactics and Drills Series on DVD

Brand: Reedswain

Item Number: SS5.28-8485

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  • WC101 – Attacking and Goalscoring
    Counter Attacking With Pace - Sammy Lee: A progression of quick passing and moving exercises with the ultimate objective of implementing them in an 11 v 11 game.
    Improve Your Shooting and Finishing - Mick Hennigan: A session with an overall theme of "quality" finishing with an emphasis of shots hitting the target.
    Build-Up Play For Crosses - Sammy Lee: Starts with a circle warm-up, progresses to a small-sided passing game and ends with a half-field game designed to get the ball wide for a cross.
    Attacking In Waves - Sammy Lee: Some quick-fire shooting and finishing exercises, ending with a half-field game that includes overlapping defenders pushing forward and overloading the attack.

    WC102 – Zonal Defending
    Defending With a Back Four - David Williams: This session starts with some individual defending and progresses to various exercises with two defenders and then four defenders. The session ends with four defenders working on a full field.
    Zonal Defending - Mick Hennigan: A session designed to get the entire team familiar with their roles when the opposing team has possession. Based on a 4-4-2, the session could easily be adapted to a 3-5-2 or any other formation. Hennigan introduces "key words", and the actions that go with them that will enable each player to be comfortable and confident with his role and that of his teammates.
    Improving Confidence For Heading - Mick Hennigan: A lively session that starts with heading warm-ups and progresses to game-like exercises that includes heading for goal as well as defensive heading.

    WC103 – Passing and Possession
    Developing Techniques For Youth Players - David Williams: This session includes various passing and receiving exercises and progresses to a small-sided game. The session also focuses on making the correct runs and angles to create space to receive passes.
    Developing Quick Play Using Circle Practices - David Williams: This session was one of the highlights of the entire seminar and features a number of circle practices designed to develop quick play. Many variations are shown with unlimited variations possible with a little imagination.
    Passing Progressions - Sammy Lee: This session is designed to improve the quality and speed of passing, and movement off the ball to create space to receive passes.

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